Apr 25, 2022

How to Make Money With Binance Launchpad

Little bite more advanced feature of Binance (registration is completely free and you can save 10% on trading fees using this link) exchange is Launchpad or Launchpool. What is it, how to use it and most important how to make profit from it, read in this article.

Launchpool - in launchpool we have early access to tokens on market. In short you will need to stake your coin (BNB most likley) and you will farm coin of you choice. Just big note here is that this kind of earning is not available all the time so you have to check period of availability. If you choose to stop farming you can do it any time because your founds are not locked.

Big perk of launchpool is that you have access to tokens in early stage even before you can trade them on Binance. Listing on Binance can make big impact on price of token so possible earning can be high.


In this post I covered Launchpad and how to invest crypto to it. Make sure after you register on Binance which coin will make biggest profit for you on Launchpool and after that make purchase of it.

That is all for this post, don't hesitate to leave comment or ask any question if you have it.

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