May 01, 2022

Swap Farming - Crypto Buy and Sell made super simple

Simply buy and sell with Swap Farming on Binance. Trade your coins from a liquidity pool instead of directly and save up to 50% of the transaction fee when you swap specific token pairs.

One user could provide (your coin) and (USDT) tokens in equal amounts to the (your coin) - (USDT) pool. Someone else could then use these tokens to swap between (your coin) and (USDT) for a fee.

How to:

After login to you Binance account click on Trading option in your navigation bar and choose option Swap Farming like on image below.

On next page you have to select pair you want to swap. In this example i just choose random option.

As you can see on image above there is 0% slippage. With any trade or swap, there is always the risk of slippage occurring and getting a different price from what you expected. With Swap Farming, this risk has been minimized and even do you can earn rewords in BNB when use swap farming.

In addition, swap farming is much more esier to use then spot trading where we need to pay attention on meny more details.

How ever, i will cover basic feuters of spot trading in one of the next articles.


Whit Swap farming there is limitet time offer on Binance:

  • You can earn BNB rewards totaling up to 50% of the transaction fee when you swap specific token pairs on Swap Farming. 

  • $1,000,000 BNB in bonus funds are available to Swap Farming users who participate between 22 November and 22 December.


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