Apr 24, 2022

Cryptocurrency trading


You want to buy some crypto currency but you don't know where and how to start? Don't worry, I will explain you crypto world so you can start trading immediately on Binance and that's not all. Whit this referral link (sign up for free) you will get 10$ for your first deposit (min. 50$) and 20$ on your first trade with minimum of 50$.

So, in this article I will explain the best and easiest way to start trading and get some tokens in your wallet. Which coin you want to buy is totally up to you but in our example we will use POLYGON MATIC. I will not go into details why I personally believe in this project but facts are there and you can check their official website. In my opinion, the most important keywords here are 'low transaction fees'!
⁠Yes, trading fees are everywhere so it's the same in crypto world but people don't like to talk much about it because they will discourage new investors and fresh capital. That's why MATIC is here, to solve this problem.
⁠Definitely project that promise a lot and trading fees are low so it's perfect place for us to start this demo. At the moment of writing this article you can trade POLYGON MATIC low as 1.39 USD for 1 MATIC, very undervalue on my opinion.


First thing first,
⁠if you are planning to buy some crypto currency you will need to register your account on trading exchanges and the one I recommend now is or if you are US based maybe better solution is for you but steps are the same.

After you successfully finish registration on Binance website, click [Buy Now] on the homepage banner. You can choose to buy crypto with different fiat currencies (USD, EUR, Yuán etc.) with MasterCard or Visa. This is not the cheapest way to buy crypto currency but definitely the easiest way to get 'your feet wet'.
Note: start with small amount of money and make some trades till you get use to it on interface and website.


This walk-thru article is for people trying to invest some money into crypto. Crypto trading is much more complicated then this and afterwards we will cover crypto savings and earnying.
⁠Please let me do know if you have any questions on



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